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David Mason Books Offprints

We offer this list of medical and psychiatric pamphlets and offprints. All are from the library of Dr. Clarence B. Farrar. Many of them are signed by the author - as noted - or inscribed to Dr. Farrar. All are in very good to fine condition.

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Eugen Bleuler 1857-1939. Von Kurt Kolle, Munchen.
(Munchen, no publisher, nd.)
8vo., orig. wrappers, 6pp. Fine.

$20     Book Number: 31763         Order / Enquire

Growth Endocrine Aspects (Therapeutic Notes July-August 1937).

8vo., orig. self wrappers, pp.(201)-235. Near fine.

$25     Book Number: 31554         Order / Enquire

In memoriam Ernst Kretschmer Wiedergabe aus eitschrift fur Psychotherapie und medizinische Psychologie 15 Jahrgang 1965
Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag, (1965).
Orig. wrappers, 52pp.

$65     Book Number: 32265         Order / Enquire

Mental Health in Later Maturity. Papers Presented at a Conference Held in Washington D.C., May 23-24, 1941. Supplement No. 168. Federal Security Agency United States Public Health Service.
(Washington, 1942).
8vo., orig. wrappers, 148pp.

$30     Book Number: 31801         Order / Enquire

Prize Essays On the Subject of Vaginal Douche Therapy.
New York: Marvel Company, 1912.
8vo., orig. wrappers, 48pp. Pages browned o/w fine.

$50     Book Number: 32473         Order / Enquire

Psychiatric Facilities in Cincinnati and Ohio. Reprinted from American Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 96, No. 5, March 1939.

8vo., orig. wrappers, pp.1191-1202. Fine.

$30     Book Number: 31857         Order / Enquire

Review Of Psychiatric Progress 1955. Reprinted from American Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 112, No. 7, January 1956.

Orig. wrappers, pp509-564. Fine.

$45     Book Number: 32371         Order / Enquire

Review of Psychiatric Progress 1963. January American Journal of Psychiatry 1964.

Orig. wrappers, pp.625-706. Fine.
Various short articles.

$45     Book Number: 32357         Order / Enquire

The Gist of It. Summary and Conclusions of the Symposium On Mental Health. Section on Medical Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Ricmond Virginia, December 28-30, 1938. With the rubberstamp of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, (Canada).....

4to., wrappers, 15pp. double columns. Near fine.

$65     Book Number: 31644         Order / Enquire

The Johns Hopkins University Medical Department.....Eighth Annual Catalogue and Announcement 1900-1901.

8vo., orig. printed wrappers, 116pp. Fine.

$45     Book Number: 31594         Order / Enquire

The Ontario Journal of Neuro-Psychiatry March 1933. Compiled by Department of Health, Province of Ontario.
Toronto: T.E. Bowman, 1933.
8vo., orig. wrappers. Fine.

$25     Book Number: 31729         Order / Enquire

To Honour and Perpetuate the Life and Spirit of Dr. Lawrason Brown In His Pursuit of Health and Happiness for Others. The Lawrason Brown Memorial Committee.
Saranac Lake: np, nd.
12mo., orig. wrappers, (10)pp. Fine.

$20     Book Number: 31912         Order / Enquire

Transactions of the College of Physicians Of Philadelphia Fourth Series Volume Two, Number One.
Philadelphia: Printed For the College, 1934.
8vo., orig. wrappers. Fine.

$25     Book Number: 31726         Order / Enquire

Psychopathology, Primitive Medicine and Primitive Culture. Reprinted from Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Vol. XIV, No. 1, June 1943.
"With the compliments of the author" written on the upper wrapper.
Orig. wrappers, 29-67. Fine.

$50     Book Number: 32466         Order / Enquire

A Voice From the Past. Some Remarks On Dr. Bernard Sachs' Protest Against Psychoanalysis. Reprinted from American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. XIII, No. 1, July 1933.

8vo., orig. wrappers, pp.193-200. Fine.

$30     Book Number: 31741         Order / Enquire

ALLEN, Clifford.
The Meaning of Homosexuality. From the "Medical World" London, January 1954.

8vo., self wrappers, pp. 207-212. double columns. Fine.

$30     Book Number: 31926         Order / Enquire

ALLEN, Edward B. and George W. Henry.
The Relation Of Menstruation To Personality Disorders. Reprinted from American Journal of Psychiatry Vol. XIII, No. 2, September 1933.

Orig. wrappers, pp.239-273. Fine.

$30     Book Number: 32349         Order / Enquire

ALTSCHULE, Mark D. Wilfgang, M. Sulzbach and Kenneth J. Tillotson.
Effect of Electrically Induced Convulsions Upon Respiration In Man. Reprinted from American Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 103, No. 5, March 1947.

8vo., orig. wrappers, pp.679-684. Fine.

$25     Book Number: 31771         Order / Enquire

The Dawn Of Psychiatric Journalism. Reprinted from American Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 100, No. 2, September 1943.

8vo., orig. wrappers, pp.205-216. Fine.

$25     Book Number: 31760         Order / Enquire

AMDUR, M.K. and E. Messinger.
Jean-Etienne-Dominique Esquirol. His Work and Importance For Modern Psychiatry. Reprinted from American Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 96, No. 1, July 1939.

8vo., orig. wrappers, pp.129-135. Fine.

$30     Book Number: 31942         Order / Enquire

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