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  With the exception of the two Irving Layton titles listed, the following pamphlets all are published by us and printed at The Coach House Press. Prices are in Canadian funds and the usual terns apply to the trade. GST (5%) will be added to Canadian orders.

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The TRUE and GENUIN ELEGY OF Matthew Gun Bookseller

NP: Aliquando Press, 2014. 1 of 125 copies. Size is 15" x 10 1/2". A reprinting of an early Eighteenth century broadside on the pitiful lot of the bookseller then. This is copied from the original held by the British Library. We have been unable to trace any other copy and we felt it was worthy of a Twenty-first century revival. Now that the book trade is perhaps more threatened than at any earlier time, Matthew Gun's lament resonates strongly. It has been printed by Will Rueter at his Aliquando Press in Garamond, the display fonts are ATF Baskerville and xiv Century Roman. It's is printed on Hahnemuble white mould made paper. Rueter is one of the foremost designers and private printers in Canada and we are very pleased he agreed to take on the project. This printing is indicative of the quality of Rueter's work and now that we have exhausted our list of friends we offer copies for sale.

Price $50.00
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Brian Fawcett.
The Northern B.C. Rules. With the Regulations for Snipe Hunting.
(Toronto): David Mason Books, (2010).
8vo., printed wrappers, (11)pp.

This pamphlet was printed by The Coach House Press for the friends of Brian Fawcett and to be sold by David Mason Books.

Price $10.00
Usual terms to the trade.

"These rules are designed for physical survival in the Canadian north, which is an area that starts anywhere 100 kilometers north of a major Canadian city and extends to the geographical point at which all-terrain vehicles and skidoos outnumber normal transport, and government officials outnumber human beings (at which point "north" becomes "North" and only idiots are willing to put up with the cold and bugs.)"
From the preface.

David Mason.
The Protocols of Used Bookstores. A Guide to Dealing with Certain Perils Which Could be Encountered in a Used Bookstore.
(Toronto): David Mason Books, (2010).
8vo., printed wrappers, (18)pp. With illustrations.

To be issued in an edition of 300 copies in July 2010. Price $10.00.

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"The Tides Are Caused by the Moon's Gravity, Not by Ours: A Personal Essay on the Future of Poetry" by Brian Fawcett

Produced January 2001. Three Hundred Copies.


A meditation on the irrelevance of contemporary poetry and why the author ceased publishing it.

"The Enemy" by Brian Fawcett

Issued April 1992. The edition comprises 150 copies numbered and signed by the author.


A Roman-a-clef, the model for the protagonist is said to be a certain well-known Canadian bookseller famous for his scorched-earth responses to perceived insults.
When the author and the publisher (who had himself a lengthy history of difficulties with that bookseller) met, it seemed appropriate that they respond in an 18th Century manner. Hence this pamphlet.


"On Being a Jew" by David Solway

Issued November 2003, Three Hundred Copies


A provocative and moving essay occasioned by this well known Canadian Poet and polemicist's re-assessment of his Jewish heritage following the moral and intellectual fallout of 9/11. Pondering incessantly the increasing moral implications of those events for the whole world Solway expanded this pamphlet through many revisions which has culminated in a full length book, "The Big Lie: Reflections on Terror, Anti-Semitism and Identity" which will be published by LMB/Counterblast Editions in the Spring of 2007 and distributed by Random House Canada.


Serving the Book - The Text of a Talk Given at Alumni Hall, Victoria College, University of Toronto, 30 November 1999, under the Auspices of the Toronto Centre for the Book and the Friends of Victoria University Library. by David Mason

Issued 15 April 2000 in an edition of 300 copies, of which 26 are handbound by Courtland Benson and lettered and signed by the author.


A typical vanity publication by someone who should know better. Because very few copies remain of this the standard trade terms do not apply. The normal trade courtesy discount does of course.



A Wild Peculiar Joy: Selected Poems 1945-82 by Irving Layton. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1982. First edition, collector's edition, one of one hundred copies numbered and signed by the author. Bound in blue cloth with silver stamping.

This book was published by M&S only in paperback format. Howard Aster of Mosaic Press, with the permission of M&S, manufactured this special collectors issue. The whole issue was purchased by David Mason Books, and the entire proceeds were paid to Mr. Layton who was then undergoing a crippling divorce. Although a new edition of this book has been published recently by M&S, this issue of the original edition remains the only hardcover version and the only signed version.


The Gucci Bag by Irving Layton.
Oakville: Mosaic Press, 1983. First edition, one of one hundred special copies signed by Mr. Layton. This issue, limited to 100 copies signed on an extra sheet, is bound, as is the regular edition, in blue cloth with printed orange endpapers. The entire edition was 439 copies, of which the entire issue of the 100 signed copies was purchased by David Mason Books, with the proceeds going to Mr. Layton for his continuing legal expenses for the abovementioned divorce.


Lester, Mason & Begg Limited Publishers

"The Big Lie. On Terror, Antisemitism, and Identity " by David Solway.

Produced March 2007.


A stunning meditation on the complex nature of Islam, the meaning of Judaism, the demonolgy of antisemitism, the never-ending story of Middle Eastern conflict, and the troubled trajectory of Western civilization.

OUT IN PAPERBACK. A Visual History of Gay Pulps by Ian Young. A fascinating history of the code words and images used in early paperback publications so gay people especially young ones living in isolated communities could discover literature relating to their own sensibilities. Ian Young, a poet and long time gay activist, has published widely on many aspects of gay culture; he is the compilier of the standard bibliography "The Male Homosexual in Literature: A Bibliography", Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1982.
Price $29.95


THE RESCUER by Harold Troper.
Originally published in 1999 as "The Ransomed of God" and quickly sold out this new edition contains a new preface by the author. In the new preface the author recounts a talk he gave on the hero of the book Judy Feld Carr on its original publication after which a member of the audience asked him to explain which parts of the story were true and which his invention. The man, on being told every word was true, shook his head in disbelief and walked away. A reading of the book shows how easily one could come to this conclusion. The story is incredible. A Canadian housewife responsible for smuggling some 3000 Jews out of one of the most repressive regimes in the Middle East seems hardly credible but the documented evidence is all here.
Harold Troper is a Professor at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, (University of Toronto) and the author of "None is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe" and others.
Price $24.95

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